Chairman's Report - November 14, 2014

A Gift for You and a Gift for the FairTax®
Our mandate is clear – pass the FairTax. And passing the FairTax has required and will continue to require your generous financial gifts. But this week, I am proud to announce a very special gift back to you – just in time for the holiday shopping season. is a new online mega shopping mall with over 2,500 of your favorite national retailers including Kohls, Walmart, Macys, Best Buy and Target. When you sign up at for free membership, you have exclusive access to special daily Hot Deals, promo codes and coupons providing discounts up to 80%. And on top of that, you get retailer provided cash back incentives on every single product you buy at every single store within the mega mall. Plus, AFFT also receives small cash back incentive. That’s a win-win by any measure! 
Here is an example of how works. Once you establish your free login credentials, you decide to look for a rent a car for your upcoming holiday trip. You decide on Avis car rentals and because your renting at Avis through FairTaxRewards. com, you’ll find coupons that lower your rental cost and provide you with a cash back incentive of 2.4% of your total rental price! Plus, an additional cash back percentage on your rental will be contributed to AFFT.
And when you sign up, don’t forget to establish your special referral code that you can share with your friends and family. When they shop through they will see that their shopping opportunity has been brought to them by the FairTax campaign. 
We can never properly say thank you for everything you do in support of the FairTax campaign. We hope that shows how grateful we are to have you standing with us FairTax strong! 
The new
We are still on schedule to have the new ready to go by the middle of December. 
The FairTax Goes Texting

Many of you have been asking for a texting service for the FairTax campaign.  We are very excited to announce that the FairTax campaign has now implemented a texting service that will be expanded in scope over the coming months.
Today, when someone texts MEMBER to 68398 they will be directed to the FairTax membership page where they can sign up for AFFT membership right on their smart phone.  For those who are still exploring the FairTax, if they text NOINCOMETAX to 68398 they will receive a link to more information. The texting program is terrific technology to use when you are talking one-on-one with people or when making a presentation to a group. Let us know your thoughts and the creative ways you use it!
Congressional Meetings

Cindy and I are still planning a trip to Washington, D.C. in early December to meet with some existing and newly elected Congressional supporters. We are setting up meetings now and will share with you in later columns the results of our meetings.
AFFT Membership Drive

When you work in an issues advocacy campaign, you find that many people say they support your issue but only a percentage of those individuals will actually become day-to-day activist. Some individuals who have worked with the FairTax campaign for the longest, believe that for every 20 people who express a strong interest in the FairTax, only one to two will be become dedicated activists. 
When we look at the numbers of people that we will need to drive the FairTax legislation to victory, you can see the challenge we have that lies before us. That’s why many state FairTax groups are now aggressively launching intrastate AFFT membership drives. These membership campaigns will meet three critical goals for the FairTax campaign.  They are:
  • Help AFFT meet our goal of 100,000 paid members before the 114th Congress is sworn in
  • Help AFFT recruit new activists and new grassroots leadership
  • Generate much needed revenue share funding for state FairTax activities 

Funding the FairTax Campaign
We all know individuals who have blessed to reach the pinnacle of financial success in their professional career. These individuals are now in a position to make significant financial gifts to the causes they believe in. 
Some of them support the FairTax - some are still considering it. Regardless of where they stand, when they make a significant financial gift they want it to be a tax-deductible donation. As a 501(c)(4), donations to AFFT are not tax-deductible.  If you or someone you know are considering a significant financial gift to the FairTax campaign and desire to have it be a tax deductible donation, we have two 501(c)(3) organizations with whom we are working closely that can provide the charitable tax deduction. The donor’s financial gift will be utilized to pay for FairTax educational services including much needed updating of our FairTax economic research and presentation of the FairTax to conferences and civic organizations.
If you know of someone that is interested in making such a donation, please let Cindy know as soon as possible at
More next week,