The FAIRtax Candidate Pledge 2020

Click here to download the pdf of "The FAIRtax 2020 Candidate Pledge"

Take multiple pictures of the signing of The Pledge and holding up The Pledge.  While you are at it take a short video (see Allen Waters)

Email to:

Any questions or too large to email, contact Randy Fischer - AFFT Director Marketing & Communications 1-800-FAIRtax (324-7829)

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Name Signed State URL

Stanley Adair 02-08-2020 AL Pending Pics

Allen Waters 02-25-2020 RI


Name Signed District URL

Barry Moore 06-29-2020 AL-02

Johnny Nalbandian 08-05-2020 CA-27

Gavin Rollins 01-20-2020 FL-03

Joe Millado 05-06-2020 FL-03 Pending PICS

Kat Cammack 05-21-2020 FL-03

Ryan Chamberlin 05-20-2020 FL-03

Amy Wells 06-09-2020 FL-03

Judson Sapp 07-14-2020 FL-03

Bill Engelbrecht 07-28-2020 FL-03

John Rutherford 05-04-2020 FL-04

Sergio Ortiz 07-30-2020 FL-09

Dr. Rich McCormick 02-08-2020 GA-07

Vance Dean 04-17-2020 GA-08

Rick Phillips 04-15-2020 IA-02

Steven Everly 04-21-2020 IA-02

William Schafer 04-29-2020 IA-03

Steve King 04-27-2020 IA-04

Alter Eliezer Richter 05-14-2020 NJ-04

Lovelynn Gwinn Pending NY-13

Duane Whitmer 08-16-2020 NY-27

Kevin Kahn 07-23-2020 OH-01

Richard Castaldo 05-08-2020 OK-02

Phil Arlinghaus 03-05-2020 TN-01